Curious about us?   Here’s a short video presentation courtesy of SCORE, about who we are and how we came to be.  This video was done in conjunction with the Outstanding Diverse Business award.  Narrated by Sharon Lu.


Our Story
For over a decade, JohnAven, Sharon and Mary were colleagues at two successful startups in San Francisco. They’ve joined forces again to create a company that aligned with their love for animals and good food (with the former not being used for the latter). Throughout their 20+ years as vegetarians/vegans, they’ve encountered small businesses struggling with sourcing vegan products. Vegan Distribution is the solution they offer to support a kinder and more sustainable world.
Vegan Distribution’s logo is inspired by the founders’ animal companions. The V in “Vegan” is represented by rabbit ears, which symbolizes our commitment to listening to your needs and feeback. The D in “Distribution” shows our dogged determination to provide excellent customer service and products.


Score Awards

Outstanding Diverse Small Business 2017

American Small Business Winner

Winner of American Small Business Award 2017

Green America Award

Green American Award 2015 Finalist